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Supplier Selection


Zurn Elkay utilizes a systematic approach for onboarding new direct suppliers which includes supplier self-declaration/validation through internal supplier audits of key environmental and social performance indicators. Our supplier assessment process is designed to identify potential environmental, social & business risks to foster a transparent and responsible supply chain.


Supplier Excellence Manual >
• Supplier Code of Conduct >
• Human Rights Statement >
• Supplier Assessment >
• IRS Standard W-9 Form >
• Domestic Non-Disclosure Agreement >
• International Non-Disclosure Agreement >
• ACH Form >
• W8-BEN-E Business Form >
• Country of Origin Requirements >
• Vendor Documentation Requirements >

Material Transparency


Zurn Elkay is committed to improving our product stewardship and transparency efforts, as well as reducing the toxic footprint in our supply chain. We utilize a third party to validate and manage compliance, transparency and reporting of all known chemical substances and finishes, coating and additives used in our components or products. All direct suppliers are expected to provide affirmation of their own compliance and respond to surveys expediently.

• Proposition 65 Warning Language & Format Usage >
• Conflict Mineral Policy >

Supplier Lifecycle


Supplier Lifecycle Management helps us keep track of our suppliers performance throughout their entire partnership, from initially evaluating potential suppliers through continuing to monitor existing suppliers for meeting requirements relating to Quality, Environmental, Societal and Governance. Zurn Elkay utilizes standards to assess, approve, communicate change and when needed, identify corrective actions or initiate development activities with the supplier.

• Supplier Corrective Action Request Form >
• Supplier Deviation Request Form >
• Production Part Approval Process Form >
• Supplier Assessment Form >
• Supplier Change Request Form >

Extending Our Impact Through the Supply Chain

Operating as a Sustainably Inspired company requires us to hold our suppliers to the same standards that we apply to our operations in critical areas such as ethics, human rights, diversity and environmental stewardship.

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