Grow with Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

Acquisitions are a fundamental part of Zurn Elkay's growth.

We are constantly seeking to increase our ecosystem of products and systems as we work to be the unrivaled leader in clean water solutions that promote health, support healthy hydration, conserve and protect natural resources and help keep people safe. We pursue opportunities in markets, channels, applications and geographies where we believe we can add value and further enable our commitment to sustainability. Our strong balance sheet and significant cash flow afford us the flexibility and capacity to pursue a wide variety of opportunities. Read on to see if your firm might be a good fit for Zurn Elkay.

We are long-term investors.

We invest for the future, and our intention is to provide the necessary resources to help the organizations we buy grow faster and expand their reach over the long-term. 

We respect your heritage.

Like the companies we acquire, we have a long heritage of entrepreneurship and strong customer relationships. We’ll respect yours.

We'll accelerate your growth.

We’re committed to the continued development of our acquisitions through accelerated growth and introduction to global markets.

We'll give your people opportunities.

Our long-term commitment brings a degree of stability and security for associates, and our broader organization offers exciting career opportunities for all employees.

We're easy to do business with.

Our due diligence goal is to exchange information efficiently and with minimal disruption. We keep an open dialogue and find creative ways to move quickly through the process.

We're ready to work together.

Our Zurn Elkay Business System is a scalable, process-based framework that makes it easy to start working together, sharing learnings and enhancing results.

Our M&A Focus

Expanding into product adjacencies to broaden customer preferences, accelerating penetration of our verticals to extend competitive advantages, increasing our exposure to faster-growing end markets and applications, creating opportunities for continuous innovation, maintaining portfolio balance and diversification to moderate demand cyclicality, expanding into new geographies. Contact us to explore how we could grow together.

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Recent acquisitions


Zurn and Elkay combined in 2022, creating a leader in sustainable water solutions. Accelerates growth opportunities by pairing two iconic brands with complementary products and cultures, while advancing ESG and our sustainability mission.

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We acquired Hadrian, a leading manufacturer of washroom, partitions and lockers. Accelerates our build out of the full washroom solution and positions us as a leading provider in the Division 10 washroom accessory market.

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World Dryer

We acquired World Dryer, the leader in the commercial electric hand dryer market. Provides an entrance to Division 10, and provides significant value-selling opportunities while continuing to build out our washroom product portfolio.

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Just Mfg

We acquired Just Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel sinks. Allows us to enter the highly specified stainless-steel market for high-performance hygienic sinks used in the most critical of end markets and applications.

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Stainless Drains

We acquired, which manufactures stainless-steel drains, grates and accessories. Strengthens our position in the industrial food & beverage market and positions us to be the leading drainage provider across all material drains.

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Wade Drains

We acquired WADE Drains, a leading manufacturer of quality commercial drainage products. Expands our drain product offerings with a wide range of commercial products from floor and area drains to interceptors to sanitary floor sinks.

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ATS Greasewatch

We acquired ATS ENVIRONMENTAL, a leading manufacturer of remote tank monitoring decided, alarms software and services. Further enhances our position as a leading provider of smart water treatment systems and fats, oils, and grease management solutions.

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Froet Industries

We acquired Froet, the leading innovator in designing and manufacturing bi-functional roof drains. Allows us to become a clear leader in the roof drain market with leading patented and innovative technology.

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