Our Core Values

The Values That Drive Us

The businesses of Zurn Elkay Water Solutions have been delivering water solutions collectively for over two centuries and we know what it takes to keep a system running smoothly: It’s the recognition that every single step matters. There are no substitutes for quality, safety or conservation.

The same can be said about the core values that drive our business. All are vital and flow through every aspect of our business. We protect and service these values as diligently as we do the solutions that we sell.

Core Values

Integrity in everything we do

Gaining the confidence and trust of others with honesty, integrity, and authenticity. Our word is our bond.

Customers First

Building strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions. We value quality in all we do.

Total Associate Engagement

Creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse climate  where people can grow and develop their careers while contributing to the overall success of the business. Our strength is in our people.

Continuous Improvement

Knowledge empowers us to find the most effective  and efficient process to get things done, with a focus on embracing the Zurn Elkay Business System. The relentless  pursuit of doing better.

Culture of Winning

Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances. We celebrate our successes and reward and recognize results.