Fountains For Youth Program

The United States faces a crisis in drinking water. Aging infrastructure, pollution and other factors have led to the presence of lead, microplastics, PFOA and PFOS in drinking water used by millions of people. These contaminants threaten public health, particularly in under-resourced areas. 

Our business places us at the center of critical community issues related to water cleanliness, safety, conservation and infrastructure. Our products provide point-of-use filtration that immediately makes drinking water cleaner and safer. We proactively address lead in school drinking water through product donations. Our products can support communities in fulfilling one of their most fundamental and important goals: providing safer, cleaner drinking water.

Program Overview

To address the issue of lead in drinking water head-on, Zurn Elkay’s Fountains for Youth program proactively provides filtered bottle filling stations and filters to school districts in areas where lead levels are high and resources are low. We seek partnerships with districts where we can significantly and dramatically improve their students’ access to clean, safe, and lead-free drinking water, especially within their elementary schools. To nominate a school district for Fountains for Youth consideration, please complete the form linked below.

Nominate a school
Elkay fountains for youth program

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions’ Fountains for Youth product donation program is focused on providing filtered bottle filling stations to school districts in areas where lead levels are high and resources are low. If you represent a school district that meets that criteria, we look forward to connecting with you.