Supporting Professional Development

We believe supporting our associates’ growth will enable us to build on our industry leadership and better serve our customers’ needs.

We are committed to nurturing our associates’ potential and provide a broad array of professional development activities and programs that help associates learn and refine various skills at all stages of their professional journeys. 

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Professional Development Activities | Employee Development Program


Employee Development Programs

Workday and LinkedIn Learning 

We harness digital e-Learning tools Workday Learning and LinkedIn Learning to offer associates a gateway to a diverse array of learning opportunities across a broad spectrum of professional development areas, empowering them to strengthen and accelerate their professional journeys.

Manager Development Programs 

Recognizing the importance managers have on our organization, our Manager Development Programs were designed in collaboration with Marquette University Executive Education with a focus on developing individual contributors into managers and leaders.

RAPIDS Program

Our RAPIDS Leadership Program is a vital part of our investment in future leadership and succession planning by cultivating a dynamic leadership pipeline, by equipping participants with the skills and insights for success in product management, commercial sales and operations through custom experiences designed to challenge participants, foster accountability and establish high expectations for performance. 

Mentorship Program 

We integrate mentorship into our development framework, which consists of experiences, exposure and education. The Mentorship Program provides firsthand insights, guidance and exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities. 

IMPACT Program 

This manager development program instills practical competencies vital for new and early-career managers through immersive social learning assignments, interactive activities and continuous communication.


This manager development program propels experienced managers toward senior leadership roles with an experiential learning journey rooted in practical application and research that nurtures strategic and tactical prowess for immediate application.

Bridge-To-Business Program

Developed and provided in collaboration with Marquette University, our Bridge to Business Program closes the gap between engineering expertise and effective business leadership through equipping engineers with the skills necessary to excel cross-functionally and become well-rounded, high-potential leaders within our organization.  

Women Unlimited Program

Our Women Unlimited Program is designed to elevate our female talent into leadership roles, fostering success for both participants and our business. With an integrated approach focused on mentoring, education and networking, participants translate the leadership insights they gain into actionable results, achieved with confidence by navigating complexity.

Internship Program

We cultivate the next generation of talent by bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace, through an immersive Internship Program that helps them develop essential skills, gain industry insights and build valuable professional networks while enriching our workforce with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. 

Through our Zurn Elkay Business System, we have a systematic and comprehensive succession planning process in place that starts with creating a talent pipeline that is in line with our corporate strategy and goals, incorporates upward mobility into employee evaluations and fosters leadership roles through professional and leadership development.

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