Associate Engagement, Benefits and Wellness Programs

Employee Engagement in Health and Wellness Benefits.

Every Zurn Elkay associate has a role to play in our water stewardship, and we strive to engage associates around that work and ensure that their experience is beneficial and sustainable for them as individuals. The annual Total Associate Engagement (TAE) Survey helps ensure we're living up to our promise of continuous improvement in creating a positive environment where associates feel engaged in their work and our mission.

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Associate Engagement | Employee Wellness Programs


Our Annual TAE Survey Results


Employee Engagement and Benefit Programs

ZE-net Intranet

Our sole-source-of-truth intranet features five to seven news items per week designed to drive awareness of company strategy, participation in professional development and utilization of benefits. To simplify the connection and expand its reach, we broadcast stories to manufacturing associates through a network of digital screens and email a weekly digest to every inbox. 

Flexible Work Arrangements 

A hybrid work policy allows associates to work remotely one day per week. The time associates spend at the office or at our facilities ensures ample opportunities for the face-to-face connections that support a strong company culture.

#CI Continuous Improvement

#CI is our internal, shared knowledge management system that highlights real examples of continuous improvement activities, ideas and successes. As we solve challenges worldwide, any associate — regardless of location or function — can access these examples and learn from the work that’s been done.

WAVES: Social Impact Fund

Harnesses associates’ creativity around sustainability. The Fund, launched in 2022, provides financial backing and other resources for associate-developed initiatives that help advance our company’s ESG efforts.

Town Halls

On-site town hall meetings and listening sessions close the gap between senior leadership and associates at every level of the organization and celebrate local success and performance. 

The Drop Podcast

A biweekly podcast where our internal subject matter experts share expertise and insights on topics such as product category overviews, marketing efforts, benefits information, volunteering and philanthropic efforts.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

We know that a comprehensive, high-quality suite of benefits is essential to attract and retain the talent we need. Our benefits package includes medical, dental and vision insurance; health savings accounts; life insurance; disability coverage; an employee assistance program (EAP); parental leave program; medical second opinion program; and a robust 401(k) retirement plan with a generous company match. 

Wellness Program

We also offer associates a Wellness Program that includes resources and incentives to support physical and mental health, focusing on preventive care such as annual physicals, well-woman check-ups, mammograms, colonoscopies and dental screenings, as well as lifestyle activities like tracking steps, stress management programs, weight management programs, volunteering, financial wellness programs and participating in annual wellness challenges.

"12 months after the merger, Zurn Elkay has settled into a powerful combined organization, with talented associates across the board marching toward the same goal. The investment in ESG gives me pride to work for the organization.” 

 Anonymous Associate

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