Safety in the Workplace and Our Facilities

Health and Safety Management: Tools for Hazard Identification

We ensure our facilities and other workplaces are safe, healthy environments in order to protect the health and well-being of our associates and others who utilize our facilities. We provide multiple tools for our associates to proactively identify safety, ergonomic and other occupational hazards in the workplace.

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Workplace Safety & Facility Safety With Zurn Elkay Water Solutions


Safety and Risk Management

Corporate Safety Observation Program

Our monthly Corporate Safety Observation Program asks associates to evaluate and record their observations on seven topics—personal protective equipment, working surfaces, machine safety, material handling, forklift, tools and equipment and line of fire—and submit them to be tabulated, tracked and evaluated companywide to identify trends and implement corrective actions. 

Health and Safety Communications

The corporate Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team conducts Health and Safety Communications for all associates in the organization, conducting toolbox talk trainings and creating safety alerts after recordable injuries and significant near misses. Facility safety alerts contain relevant information regarding the incident, hazard identification and corrective actions for other sites to take.

Rigorous Incident Investigation Procedures

We take all health and workplace safety incidents seriously, both injury and noninjury. We conduct a full Incident Investigation for each one within 24 hours through a formal process, which includes a written program, first report of incident, Five Why and root cause identification. Corrective actions are tracked to prevent recurrence and ensure the effectiveness of our response.

Annual Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

All sites are required to complete an annual Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, a process that identifies and scores the risk related to specific job tasks. We then implement corrective actions following the hierarchy of controls method.

Occupational Health and Safety Trainings Initiatives

We conduct Occupational Health and Safety Training for all associates in health and safety practices in order to minimize the number and severity of incidents. We require training for all associates upon hire and annually thereafter, in accordance with country- and state-specific EHS requirements and identified best practices. 

EHS Contractor Safety Program

Our EHS Contractor Safety Program manages contractor safety at our facilities at each stage of the relationship, including a prequalification screening for safety performance and risks, orientation on our EHS expectations and internal EHS audits.

Our Health and Safety Management System covers all operations and associates, including full-time and contracted temporary associates, as well as contractors.

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