Corporate Governance Within Sustainability

Our ESG Governance Strategy

We employ an approach that ensures transparency, accountability and the responsible operation of our sustainably inspired company. We developed a corporate governance and implementation strategy that embeds ESG practices across Zurn Elkay.

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corporate governance and sustainability in water solutions

Corporate Governance Leadership

Oversight responsibility for our ESG strategy is shared by the Board of Directors and our executives, and it is communicated to associates through policies that guide them in their everyday work. The Board’s Sustainability Committee sets ESG policy, monitors performance and responds to ESG-related issues that affect shareholders and other stakeholders. Our internal ESG Steering Committee is responsible for the daily implementation of our ESG strategy and includes a cross-functional team of leaders who focus on climate, environmental, products, health and safety, human capital, supply chain and more.

Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

Zurn Elkay is committed to the highest ethical standards in all our business practices. Our comprehensive Code of Business Conduct and Ethics guides our actions across the company. The Code broadly covers ethics and anti-corruption compliance, including conflicts of interest, insider trading, data privacy and employment practices such as harassment and discrimination. It also includes our Anti-Corruption Law Policy and our Human Rights Statement

Zurn Elkay's Global Regulatory Compliance: Beyond the Basics

Our Anti-Corruption Law Policy is integral to our compliance and ethics program. As a multinational company, Zurn Elkay operates under several regulatory and legal regimes, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other local and international bribery and corruption laws. We provide our Anti-Corruption Law Policy to associates in multiple languages to deliver the guidance needed to remain in compliance with various laws.

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