Environmental Management System

We employ a robust set of operations standards to minimize our environmental footprint while ensuring we develop products sustainably.

The Zurn Elkay Environmental Management System (EMS) covers all operations including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and major office buildings.

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Environmental Management System | Environmental Health and Safety Management System

Zurn Elkay's Environmental Management System provides a comprehensive framework for measuring and monitoring our environmental impacts, identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring regulatory compliance and pursuing continuous improvement, all with a focus on protecting the fundamental resources of air, water and land. The Environmental Management System includes management plans, training, risk identification and other elements in line with ISO 14001, such as emergency preparedness and response, internal audit, management review, corrective action and continuous improvement.

Environmental Auditing

We perform regular audits of all our facilities to ensure they follow our EMS processes and documentation requirements properly. We audit 33% of our facilities annually, so each facility is audited at least once every three years. We base our audits on regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

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