Growing Together Through Total Associate Engagement

Our success depends on creating a positive environment where associates feel engaged in their work and our mission. 

That’s why Total Associate Engagement (TAE) is one of our core values and a central focus of the Zurn Elkay Business System. Cultivating associate engagement ensures we can continue developing innovations that support our customers’ needs. It also helps us attract and retain talented associates who are essential to our company’s long-term success.

Our Total Associate Engagement survey measures employee engagement annually. Less than two months after the close of the transaction, we conducted our first combined Zurn Elkay Survey. While Elkay had not conducted regular surveys in the past, the combined survey results provided a new baseline moving forward. We were pleased to see an 87% participation rate, proving associates’ willingness to share candid feedback and exceeding our 2024 target (80% participation) a full two years ahead of schedule.

Our overall 2022 TAE score of 69% is a slight decline from last year and was expected given that we conducted the survey in the early stages of our transformation as Zurn Elkay. The data we gathered will help us strengthen our efforts to continue creating a strong, shared Zurn Elkay culture as we advance.

Notably, for the first time in 2022, we added questions to our TAE survey directly asking how associates feel about equitable treatment and our sustainability strategy. Responses to these questions will help define priorities, identify opportunities to enhance policies and inform our training and internal communications related to equity and sustainability efforts.