Saving Electricity by Improving Facilities

We are continually evaluating our equipment and processes to reduce the amount of electricity we use at our facilities.

In 2022, we completed projects at several locations that significantly reduced electricity demand.

Lighting in our manufacturing facilities, warehouses and offices represents a significant portion of our overall energy use. Modern LED fixtures offer a way to reduce our energy use and improve working conditions. They are 60% to 80% more efficient than traditional fixtures yet provide better illumination for the safety and productivity of our associates. In 2022, we surveyed our facilities to determine their percentage of LED lighting use, and the results identified 12 facilities that are priority targets for lighting upgrades. Two of the projects completed in 2022 demonstrate the impact of this program. 

Commerce, TX: Our warehouse in Commerce, TX, was one of the largest electricity users in the Zurn Elkay footprint due to its antiquated lighting system. In 2022, we executed a lighting upgrade initiative at this facility that replaced 216 warehouse fixtures, 270 office fixtures and 36 exterior/parking lot fixtures with high-efficiency LED fixtures, which will save more than 327 MWh of electricity annually and reduce our GHG emissions by 122 metric tons.

Norcross, GA: At our warehouse in Norcross, GA, we replaced 208 fixtures with high-efficiency LED lights, saving more than 173 MWh of electricity annually and reducing our GHG emissions by 65 metric tons.

Franklin Park, IL: We also focused on electricity usage by air compressors at our Just Manufacturing facility in Franklin Park, IL. After identifying and repairing several leaks in the system, we have reduced our annual electricity use by 122 MWh annually.