Reducing Natural Gas Usage by 2,019 MWh

In addition to electricity reductions, we look for ways to reduce our natural gas consumption.

Our Hadrian manufacturing facilities prepare parts for coating by cleaning them in natural-gas heated wash tanks. In 2022, we completed a project to reduce the amount of natural gas needed to operate those tanks. The chemicals used in our wash solution can operate in a wide range of temperatures, so each facility began reducing the temperature of the solution by 5°F per week.

After each wash, our team inspected the parts coming out of the tanks to ensure there was no impact on quality. When this process ultimately reached a point where the lower temperature affected quality, we raised the temperature slightly—creating a new baseline operating temperature. 

This diligent approach allowed our facilities to reduce wash tank temperatures by 26% on average, reducing natural gas usage by 2,019 MWh annually.