Providing Support in the Pandemic

With the world facing unprecedented challenges from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we worked to promote the health and safety of our associates, as well as the communities in which we live and work.

Supporting Our Associates and Community

We ensured associates had sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform their jobs, implemented rigorous sanitation processes and provided free antigen testing.

In April 2021, Zurn associates volunteered at a FEMA Mass Vaccination Clinic in Milwaukee, helping administer more than 2,500 shots in a single day. Our volunteers directed community members to staff to receive their vaccinations and to post-vaccination areas for monitoring, and also helped those with mobility challenges navigate the vaccination site.

Helping Our Customers

To help buildings remain safe for reopening, Zurn sensor faucets enabled building owners and managers to set up automatic flush-outs to purge lines of stagnant water and help prevent accumulation of hazards such as lead, copper and Legionella.

Providing Touchless Solutions

We also met with experts in the healthcare industry to determine which solutions would offer the greatest advantages, including touchless fixtures, antimicrobial materials and more. Zurn ultimately pledged $1 million in touchless solutions to dozens of healthcare facilities in North America.

Many nonprofits were able to advance handwashing best practices without affecting their budgets, while reassuring staff, patients and guests. 


Here’s what some recipients said about the program’s impact:
  • “Rush Hospital isolated its Covid-19 patients in a specific wing. Through the donation, we installed Zurn touchfree faucets there. Fortunately, we’re seeing fewer patients today, but the donated products are without a doubt staying. The faucet and flush valve sensor activation provides peace of mind on top of ease of use. Back when the situation was ‘full-on,’ we got exactly what we needed, because Zurn was able to provide the materials fast.” – Rush Hospital, Bensenville, Illinois

  • “One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is the maintenance that comes with manual products. From clogs to people flushing with their feet, it burdens our already stretched thin staff. Users don’t have to touch anything now, which impacts our sanitation efforts, too.” – Mercy Health-St. Charles Hospital, Oregon, Ohio

  • “I want our congregation to know that Zurn generously donated all of these products to us. And if there’s any way we can support or recognize the company in the future, we will. We are just so grateful for our clean, seamless restroom experience.” – First Alliance Church, Erie, Pennsylvania

  • “The fire department uses our facility, the police department uses our facility when they have big events – so all sorts of people are coming through here. To know that we are able to make our facility safe by making it touchless is a big, big deal.” – Faith Ministries in New Milford, Connecticut