Meeting Customers' Needs for Safety

Knowing that our customers have unique goals and operate under different regulatory requirements, we tailor our products to meet a range of needs.

For example, our industry-leading portfolio of products that promote health and hygiene includes:

  • Our ZurnSHIELDTM glaze protects sinks, toilets and hand dryers by inhibiting the growth of stain and odor causing mold mildew and bacteria, making the products easier to clean, saving time and water.

  • CuVerro® copper alloy antimicrobial sinks reduce the spread of bacteria

  • Backflow preventers that preserve water quality and help prevent waterborne illnesses by keeping unclean or contaminated water out of drinking water supplies

  • Touch-free faucets, drinking fountains and bottle fillers that reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in offices, schools and other commercial buildings

  • Advanced water filtration solutions to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water, including lead and other particulates

We also provide water management solutions that make buildings safer for their occupants. For example:
  • We offer several configurations of roof drains, exterior trench and threshold drains and parking deck drains that remove unwanted water.
  • Our fire suppression product portfolio includes backflow preventers, in-building risers, automatic control valves, pressure relief valves and hose connectors to provide reliable fire suppression that meets rigorous compliance requirements