Making WAVES with Our Purpose

WAVES Social Impact Fund Program

Launched in 2022, the WAVES Social Impact Fund provides financial backing for innovative associate ideas that help our company advance our ESG efforts. All associates are welcome to submit ideas throughout the year, and each quarter our ESG committee selects the top submissions to receive funding from Zurn Elkay to put the idea into action. Here's a deeper look at one of our first approved WAVES submissions.

Giving back is fundamental to who we are, and we want all Zurn Elkay associates to work for a better world, together.

We believe in this mission so strongly that we added “Purpose” to the Zurn Elkay Business System (ZEBS) to demonstrate our deep commitment to sustainability and social initiatives. Including “purpose” marks the first substantial change to our business model in decades and ensures that environmental and social initiatives remain at the heart of all we do.

Through the ZEBS, we incorporate meaningful sustainability objectives and metrics throughout our strategic planning, product life cycle management, continuous improvement and people processes.

In addition, our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Playbook integrates purpose into our standard written programs and procedures, including our facility-specific compliance calendar and recurring internal EHS audits. This integration ensures that sustainability remains top of mind through our day-to-day operations. Software systems, centralized record management, and executive oversight support all aspects of the EHS playbook, enabling us to monitor, measure and control how well our EHS performance delivers on our company's purpose.

Making purpose a specific and articulated priority provides a powerful north star for our people, resulting in even more Sustainably Inspired solutions to fulfill our commitments to our customers and live up to our corporate social responsibility and ESG principles.