Investing in Sustainably Inspired Innovation

To further strengthen our commitment to sustainable products, we have set a target to spend $90 million on engineering and R&D by 2025.

This spending will help us advance our development of clean tech products and increase our innovation capacity, which is part of our strategic planning and initiatives.

Clean Technologies

As a pure-play water company, we focus our clean technologies program on development of sustainable water solutions, including water infrastructure and distribution products, water safety and flow control for pollution prevention, water treatment and purification, and hygienic and environmental pollution controls to ensure water quality and safety. Our clean tech line includes the Zurn Smart connected products suite, which provides for remote monitoring and rapid response to issues, facilitating efficiency and safety. We develop our clean tech products specifically to meet or exceed Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED) green building requirements for green-certified properties.

Water Conservation by Design

To help us achieve our goal of offering products with sustainable attributes, we design new products based on our commitment to sustainability, aligned with global water conservation standards. Assessing the environmental impact of new products is a key step in our product development process. We also incorporate feedback and input from customers directly into our product designs. As part of our overall commitments, we are a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program. 

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

While sustainability is a top priority in our product development, we remain committed to upholding the highest quality standards to deliver customer satisfaction. All Zurn Elkay business units operate under quality management systems to consistently provide products and services that meet all applicable customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. As part of the Zurn Elkay Business System (ZEBS), the quality management system includes a feedback loop to support continuous improvement, prevent nonconformity and monitor product performance, all to ensure both product safety and associate safety.