Helping Associates Thrive

Ensuring safe working conditions is just one part of our commitment to our associates.

We also work to create conditions that support our employees’ everyday health and wellness. We believe this ongoing support is essential to our success, because healthier and happier employees perform better and create a positive work culture. Offering robust health and wellness benefits also helps recruit and retain the people that we depend on to achieve our business and sustainability goals.

We offer a comprehensive set of benefits to help our associates achieve better health. We also offer our U.S. employees a wellness program that includes resources and incentives to help our associates maintain their physical and mental health, with a focus on preventative care. Participants earn wellness points for participation in the program, with preventive health activities such as annual physical exams, mammograms, colonoscopies and other age- or gender-related screenings and dental exams providing the largest contributions to wellness points. Associates can use their wellness points to reduce the cost of their annual health care premiums.

More than 80% of associates participate in our wellness program, taking advantage of opportunities such as:
  • Sleep tracking, weight management and stress management tools

  • Recurring wellness challenges for fitness, sleep and nutrition goals

  • An on-site gym at several of our facilities