Structured for Sustainability

We drive our commitment to strong governance and ethical business practices from the highest levels of our organization.

We reflect our commitment to being a Sustainably Inspired company in the robust governance structure we created to incorporate ESG practices throughout Zurn Elkay.

Oversight responsibility is shared by the Board of Directors and our executives, and it is communicated to associates through
policies that guide them in their everyday work.

Board Oversight of ESG

Our Board of Directors ESG Committee oversees Zurn Elkay’s ESG efforts. The committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring performance on ESG initiatives

  • Reporting on ESG activities

  • Responding to shareholder proposals on ESG matters and other significant ESG-related stakeholder concerns

  • Employee health and safety

  • Sustainability

  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing

  • Human rights

  • Environmental matters

  • Product safety and eco-friendly design

  • Supplier conduct and diversity

  • Materials sourcing

  • Labor practices

  • Diversity and inclusion in employment

  • Volunteerism and corporate giving

  • Corporate citizenship

  • Business ethics


Executive Responsibilities for ESG

Our internal ESG Steering Committee includes Zurn Elkay executives responsible for implementing our ESG strategy on a day-to-day basis, with the following key focus areas:

  • Governance & Ethics

  • Product Quality & Safety

  • Supply Chain

  • Environmental, Health & Safety

  • Human Capital

The cross-functional team of leaders uses their business expertise and deep knowledge of our sustainability commitments to create and refine our goals, improve our ESG strategies, establish effective policies and enhance reporting to stakeholders.

We strengthened this team in 2022 by adding our Head of Engineering as a committee member tasked with overseeing efforts to embed sustainability into our overall product development process. This dedicated product specialist will enhance the committee’s focus on product quality and safety and help us advance important projects such as our product lifecycle analysis.​​​​