Helping the Raiders Save Water in the Desert

We are a proud partner of the Las Vegas Raiders, whose home is in one of the most water-constrained cities in the nation.

In 2021, Las Vegas Raiders fans enjoyed their first experiences in the new Allegiant Stadium while experiencing a new standard of water conservation at an NFL stadium.

Four years prior, the Las Vegas Raiders set out to deliver a world-class fan experience while realizing exceptional water conservation in a city known for sustainable water management. The Raiders chose Zurn for the sustainability and reliability of its products.

Today, Zurn's water-efficient touchless fixtures in restrooms throughout Allegiant Stadium save more than 535 million gallons of water annually. Here’s a look at how that adds up: 

  • 65,000 fan capacity

  • 297 restroom locations

  • 389 million+ gallons saved with Zurn urinals

  • 145 million+ gallons saved with Zurn toilets

  • 155,000+ gallons saved with Zurn faucets

Importantly, with Zurn, the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium were equipped for Nevada’s first federally mandated 7% decrease in water consumption starting in 2022.