Helping Communities Address COVID-19

When a crisis strikes, our goal is to provide support where our resources and expertise can make the greatest difference.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this meant an opportunity to donate our hygienic solutions to communities in need. We met with experts in the heathcare industry to determine which solutions would offer the greatest advantages, including touchless fixtures, antimicrobial materials and more. In March 2020, Zurn pledged to donate $1 million in hygienic products.

Since then, we’ve provided products to community organizations and healthcare facilities across the United States and Canada, including recipients such as the Boys and Girls Club and the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center.

As an example,
Faith Ministries in New Milford, CT, houses both a daycare and K-12 school, as well as church on a weekly basis. With the donation of Zurn products, Faith Ministries was able to serve over 4,000 people from the community and their families in a safe environment.

Rush Hospital in Bensenville, IL, isolated its COVID-19 patients in a specific wing. They were able to install Zurn touchless faucets in that wing, providing peace of mind on top of ease of use. The hospital noted, “Back when the situation was ‘full-on,’ we got exactly what we needed, because Zurn was able to provide the materials fast.”

Zurn also donated $50,000 in oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India during the height of the COVID-19 crisis there, when hospitals were overrun and the oxygen tank shortage was at crisis levels.