Enhancing Our Reporting Process

We continue to evaluate internationally recognized standards of ESG programs.

For the first time, Zurn Elkay has aligned our reporting with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure framework.

Opportunities to mitigate climate change are inherent in many of our product lines (e.g., water efficiency and conservation products). Therefore, we regularly integrate climate-related issues in our review of business strategy and risk management planning.
See here for our detailed approach to managing and reporting on climate-related governance, strategy, risk management and metrics and targets in alignment with the TCFD recommendations. In addition, we completed a climate-related risk assessment of our facilities to enhance our TCFD reporting and evaluate potential physical and transitional risks.

CDP Climate Change Questionnaire

We continued to submit a CDP Climate Change questionnaire for Zurn’s 2021 operations and submitted the CDP Water Security questionnaire for our 2021 operations to disclose our current and future water-related risks and opportunities and help improve our water management practices. Next year’s CDP Climate and Water submissions will cover the addition of the Elkay business as well.

Enterprise Risk Management

Zurn Elkay’s Board of Directors oversees the company’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process, which involves annual risk assessments, management evaluation and management of key risks and opportunities to the business. We integrate physical risks related to climate change into our business continuity and disaster recovery planning process, which the Board reviews at least annually. We developed a formal organizational-wide plan under executive-level supervision in addition to plans at the facility levels.