Engineering and Manufacturing Sustainably

Being sustainably inspired means we never stop innovating to create products that reduce energy consumption and water usage, avoid paper waste and mitigate the impact of climate change. 

Examples from Our 2021 Sustainability Report:
  • Zurn roof drains help address the increased risk of heavy rain and flooding driven by climate change. We test our drains at our engineering lab in Erie, PA, which has recycled more than 98% of all test water used since 2019. We estimate that’s more than 17 million gallons of water recycled.

  • Zurn pressure-reducing valves, automatic control valves and touchless fixtures help reduce water usage to offset water scarcity and more prevalent droughts from climate change. Here again, our Innovation Center in Cary, NC, recycles test water, reusing millions of gallons per year.

  • World Dryer energy-efficient hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels, helping prevent deforestation that contributes to climate change. We estimate that our touchless hand dryers replace more than 5 billion paper towels per year and save more than 200,000 trees per year.

  • Elkay was the first drinking fountain manufacturer to use refrigerants with an ozone-depletion potential ratio of 0% and its fountains exceed all energy-efficiency industry standards. 

  • Zurn’s innovative Hydro-X Power faucet reduces energy, material and water use by harvesting sustainable hydropower from the water flowing through it. A small turbine inside the unit uses energy-efficient electronics to charge a battery that’s designed to last at least 10 years, resulting in fewer batteries going into landfills.

  • Elkay sinks are made from recycled and reusable resources with an average life of up to 30 years. Built in accordance with criteria of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, they are constructed with 60% recycled content and most are 100% recyclable. 

  • Zurn is the only manufacturer to offer a high-efficiency carrier and a 1.1 gallon per flush toilet system. With 31% water consumption savings over traditional 1.6 gallon per flush systems, we deliver an industry-leading line that no other manufacturer can match.

We also recognize that sustainability must be integrated throughout the lifecycle of our products — from the raw materials we use to the efficiency of our manufacturing processes to product installation.

We’re Always Working to Reduce Waste
  • Zurn and Elkay stainless steel sinks are recyclable since stainless steel never drops out of the recycling chain and can be reclaimed without waste. 

  • Hadrian washroom partition packaging materials, hardware boxes and locker endcaps are made from 100% recycled materials.

  • Zurn and Elkay faucets include a low-flow 0.5 gallons per minute aerator for maximum water conservation.

  • The compact, patented design for Zurn Water-Free Urinal Cartridges uses 20% less materials than comparable models.

  • Converting to digital installation and user manuals for certain Zurn products saves more than 200,000 pages of paper per year, plus the water associated with the paper’s lifecycle.

Our goal is to generate 75% of our revenue from products with sustainable attributes by 2024, improving upon our 2021 level of 70%. With our deep and broad understanding of what constitutes true sustainability for our business, we believe we can maximize the positive impact of our products.