Delivering Safe, Reliable and Sustainable Products

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is the unrivaled leader in water solutions for health, human safety and the environment.

Our approach to product sustainability starts with our mission to protect water, but we also recognize our responsibility to provide other benefits. We design products that deliver the safety, reliability, quality and performance that our customers demand, while providing the lowest total cost of ownership and environmental impact. Our focus is on making the most efficient use of materials and resources in a product’s lifecycle, minimizing the carbon and environmental footprint from product use, while striving to improve health, hydration, safety and quality. This comprehensive view of sustainability helps us deliver the industry’s widest range of advanced water management solutions that address critical sustainability issues.


Elkay’s ezH2O® bottle filling stations deliver cleaner, healthier water and reduce the large environmental footprint of creating, distributing and disposing of single-use plastic water bottles. Our third-party-certified filters reduce lead, cysts, chlorine and sediment, while touch-free operation prevents the spread of germs. Our ezH2O® Liv™ filtered water dispensers also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines, delivering accessible hydration to all.

Elkay’s line of filtered water fountains, kitchen faucets and retrofit filter kits deliver the same cleaner, safer drinking water as our bottle fillers. They feature WaterSentry filters that are certified to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for requirements such as lead and chlorine reduction as well as taste and odor, providing healthy hydration options for a range of commercial, educational and residential settings.



Wilkins high-performing backflow preventers protect clean drinking water by preventing the reverse flow of unclean or contaminated water into the potable water system. Our connected flood control integrated system backflow preventers also optimize water conservation and system uptime by monitoring flow performance and providing data on water consumption, relief valve discharge, pressure and flow trends to help building owners with predictive maintenance.

Our pressure reducing valves reduce the water supply pressure for commercial buildings and homes, helping conserve water and energy; lowering pressure from 100 psi to 50 psi can reduce water consumption in the average household by around 33%. Additionally, these valves relieve demand on water distribution systems and sewage treatment facilities while extending the life of pipes, faucets and appliances. 



We offer a range of faucets, flush valves, toilets, urinals and pre-rinse spray valves that exceed EPA water efficiency standards. For example, Zurn’s CEC-compliant* faucets use 0.35 gallons per minute (gpm), well below the EPA WaterSense maximum of 1.5 gpm. Zurn’s EcoVantage® toilet flushometer uses 1.10 gallons per flush (gpf), which is below the EPA WaterSense standard of 1.28 gpf.

Our World Dryer hand dryers save trees, reduce emissions from paper towel production and create a more sanitary experience. By drying hands in as little as 12 seconds, our VERDEdri® touchless dryers use only 3.16 watts of electricity per hour and feature a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles sized 0.3 µm or larger. In 2022, our World Dryer hand dryers eliminated the need for 4 billion paper towels, saving 166,000 trees.

Our Hadrian restroom partition business was the first manufacturer in the industry to embrace powder coating technology, which produces virtually no waste and requires less energy. Today, Hadrian stainless steel restroom partitions include 91% recycled content, while our powder coated restroom partitions and lockers include 50% recycled content and our solid plastic restroom partitions include a minimum of 30% pre-consumer recycled content.



Our Zurn Z100 FLOFORCE™high-performance roof drain technology provides the most efficient water evacuation to remove excess water and prevent problems that can occur when water pools atop building roofs. FLOFORCE™ drains feature an innovative dome and gravel guard design to maximize water flow while limiting debris and allow for a reduced piping system size that saves labor and material costs. We also include options for green roofs that allow for rainwater absorption, provide insulation and create a habitat for wildlife.

Our Zurn grease interceptors deliver market-leading separation and capture of wastewater grease, food solids and sediment before they enter public sewage systems. Real-time monitoring of grease and oil level, sludge level and even temperature eliminates unnecessary opening of the interceptor, signaling the most efficient time to pump.