Pursuing Board Diversity

Increasing the diversity of our board is a primary focus of our ESG strategy.

We drive our commitment to strong governance and ethical business practices from the highest levels of our organization. The Zurn Elkay Board of Directors leads these efforts by overseeing company management on behalf of our shareholders. 

The combination of Zurn and Elkay in 2022 resulted in the addition of a new member to the board, bringing it to 10 members, nine of whom are independent under applicable NYSE rules. As of December 31, 2022, our board included two female members and one nonwhite member. Our nominating and corporate governance committee remains focused on increasing board diversity. We are committed to reaching our target of at least 30% female representation by 2024*.

The Board of Directors includes five key committees that oversee specific functions at Zurn Elkay:
  • Nominating and Corporate Governance

  • Audit

  • Compensation

  • ESG

  • Executive

*Our board was 36% diverse prior to the spin-off of the Rexnord PMC business in October 2021 when two board members left our board to join the Regal Rexnord board as part of the transaction. Increased board diversity remains a priority for our nominating and corporate governance committee.