Planning Drives Our Results

Every part of the Zurn Elkay Business System supports continuous improvement across our Zurn Elkay Water Solutions platforms. Four core processes help us dig deep on an ongoing basis to ensure we're driving innovation and expansion with out growth plans:


Knowing where we want to go

Our Strategic Planning process is used to define the company's three-year strategic intent. It includes exploring the current state of the business and landscape, identifying smart paths forward, and establishing key steps needed to achieve growth and profit targets.


A roadmap to get there

The Strategy Deployment process helps us systematically execute our business strategies in actionable tasks with metrics, resources and support plans. It defines the steps we’re taking and clearly articulates how they align with the company’s vision, priorities, goals and objectives for all associates.


The means to act

Through our Budget process, we establish a 12-month plan detailing financial commitments needed to execute each three-year strategic plan. This takes place on a rolling basis, with continual learning, assumption reviews, progress assessment, and course correction.


A deep look at our product lines

As part of our larger strategic planning, we include a rolling, 12-month process to ensure our product lines bring superior value to customers and meet expectations. This includes looking at current product lines and future opportunities, analyzing gaps, and identifying and developing future options that will deliver unique benefits and profitable solutions.