The Zurn Foundation

Foundation History

The Foundation began as the Chain Belt Foundation (the original name of Rexnord Corporation) in 1953. It has evolved as our business has grown and been renamed the Rexnord Foundation, and, most recently, the Zurn Foundation.

In addition to our many decades supporting nonprofits where our associates live and work, we have provided college scholarships to the children of our associates for over 40 years.

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We give back.

The Zurn Foundation works to advance our corporate social responsibility impact by providing financial and volunteer support to non-profit organizations, developing innovative community partnerships and promoting a giving community within our business.


Supporting organizations that work to protect water and other natural resources for current and future generations.


Supporting programming related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the plumbing trade, as well as organizations that extend equal access to education for everyone and that work to create a more diverse and equitable pipeline of workers for the economy.

Basic Needs 

Supporting organizations that improve quality of life by delivering essentials such as food, shelter, care and clean water.

How we help

We focus our efforts where our resources and expertise can make the greatest difference.


Our grants target the focus areas of basic needs, education (with an emphasis on social justice/equity initiatives) and the environment (with an emphasis on clean water).

Matching Gifts

U.S. associates can have up to $5,000 in qualifying charitable donations matched annually.


We provide up to seven scholarships annually for children of associates in the United States.

Associate Volunteers

Associates can participate in up to 20 hours of company sponsored volunteer time annually.

Our impact

In 2023, our donations have included:

Foundation leadership

Todd A. Adams


Patricia Whaley

Vice President

Mark Peterson


Angela Hersil


Charles Roy


Apply for a grant

The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets in January and July to review grant applications.